Ageless Startup


Starting A Business That People Need You might probably think that you’re too young to be starting a business or too inexperienced to even think about it. But there’s a trick, it’s quite possible for anyone to start a business if you know which target audience to cater to. So

Let’s Eat Gold


Priced At Nearly Rs 20,000, This 23 Karat ‘Gold Biryani’ You probably already have your favourite biryani. It could be from a popular biryani joint, or from that small dukaan in the street beside your house, or it could be your maa ke haath ki biryani. But, drum rolls There

All Out For Love…


The Top 11 Most Romantic Chinese Dramas You gotta admit that sometimes the usual series that you watch in English can get a tad bit uninteresting no matter how good the drama and suspense is. So take a break for the American and Indian shows that you watch cause hello!

Coca-Cola Blak


Coke With Coffee Is (finally) Here Imagine you’ve had a heavy lunch and are super drowsy too. So you need something to help you with the digestion and the sleep that wants to take over your system? Coffee isn’t gonna help with digestion and neither will coke help with keeping

The Doomed Plane


3 Things I Learned While My Plane Crashed A moment of misfortune and doom can in certain situations help us realise a lot more than we expect. This video made this man realise that in a near death situation he had a lot more to lose than he assumed. We

Get More Knowledge


How Books Can Open Your Mind There’s this saying that talks about how ‘books are a man’s best friend’ and this talk basically just emphasizes that and proves to us that yes indeed, books truly are a person’s best friend. We may assume that if our dreams crash, they go

Just Click Play!


A One Minute TEDx Talk For The Digital Age We are well aware that TEDx Talks can be pretty lengthy and sometimes it’s difficult to hold your span of attention and listen to them intently. So here’s a super short TEDx Talk that is just within a minute which talks



The Danger Of Silence Silence is one of the deadliest weapons one can have. Knowing when to use it is very important. But if you have a voice and if you’re privileged enough to have a platform to use it, use it to help others and speak your truth. Here’s

People For Animals


If You Really Want To Do Your Bit For Animals, Here Are 15 NGOs You Can Volunteer At Have you ever felt that animals needed your help cause they deserve the world but you’re unable to help them simply cause you don’t have enough resources or don’t know how to?

Yachting, Sailing, and Sea


Porsche-Designed Superyacht, Royal Falcon One, Hits the Market This is surely what dreams are made of! Luxury and finesse at its best! Porsche designed superyacht, the Royal Falcon One is finally available on the market. The 135 foot yacht also known as a ‘spaceship on water’ looks something out of