Abandoned Fantasy


15 Abandoned Places On Earth That Will Leave You Stunned Abandoned places have an eerie beauty and charm of its own. Whether you are attracted to these places or you aren’t, you can’t deny that these places make you curious and call out to you, they make you ponder and

Young Scientist


A 12-Year-Old Inventor’s Device For Detecting Lead In Water This 12 year old girl is out here proving to us that age is just a number when it comes to making a change and leaving a positive impact on others. At a very young age, she is well educated in

The Curtain Call


9 Must-Watch Plays Of All Time for Theatre-Lovers In India Although theatre isn’t all that popular in India, it is about time we make a change in regards to that as theatre is a lot more necessary than we assume. Live theatre is a cultural phenomenon where through plays we

Logan Lucky!


My Journey From Marine To Actor Who would’ve thought that the actor who played the role of Kylo Ren in Stars Wars, was previously a marine before he took up acting as his career? Yea you read that right, we’re talking about Kylo Ren. Also how do you think his

Let’s Do It….Later!


Inside The Mind Of A Master Procrastinator Procrastination is the mother of all bad habits. We’ve all heard that one before. What we didn’t hear before is, why do we procrastinate? Have you ever wondered if it’s just you who procrastinates? Or are there a few who just don’t? And

Keeping-Up With The Ex-Royals


7 Meghan Markle Interview Bombshells That’ll Make You Anti-Royalist The much awaited interview between the Susexxes and Oprah Winfrey took place recently and the tea that was spilled among them was very extremely hot! If you missed watching the interview, don’t worry hun, we’ve got you covered. Here is a

Your Next Competition: You


To Overcome Challenges, Stop Comparing Yourself To Others Comparison is the thief of all joy. We have to keep in mind that those around us are not our competition. You can’t go around comparing your beginnings to someone’s middle. The only person who we should be comparing ourselves to is

Reach For The Skies!


How To Achieve Your Most Ambitious Goals Are you someone who struggles with holding your attention for long periods of time? Or are you someone who has big dreams that seem impossible to reach but you want to conquer them so bad nonetheless? Or are you someone who’s just wanted

Rising Strong


The Power Of Vulnerability Our lives are full of experiences that make us feel waves of emotions. At this point, we’re convinced that everyone has felt vulnerable at some point in their lives. No one likes feeling vulnerable. No one liked being reminded that they’re not good enough or worthy.