Time Management


How To Gain Control Of Your Free Time It is undeniably true, that time is money. We all have the same limited 24 hours in our day, yet there are some people who just seem to have some extra hours squished into those same 24 hours that have too. Which

Most Comfortable Prisons


12 Prison Cells That Are More Luxurious Than Your College Hostel Room Movies show us that prisons are super uncomfortable with really mean and rowdy inmates right? But these prisons are quite the opposite! They are so plush and cushy that you’d think you’re chilling in a college dorm! Now

Travel > Anything


Life Is Short, Travel Now If we ask you the question, ‘Do you have plans for tomorrow?’ you might probably say yes and chances are that you have work or you’ll be at home. But if we ask you, ‘Do you know what tomorrow holds for you?’ chances are that

Versatile Soda


Baking Soda – Not Your Ordinary Staple Kitchen Product Baking soda is the new rice. You know how you’ve seen these memes about rice fixing pretty much everything. Yea well baking soda is definitely taking over what rice would do with fixing, except this is no joke! And it’s legit

All We Have Is NOW!


The Puzzle Of Motivation What is it that motivates you? Is it your next promotion? Or recognition? Or a purpose? Or maybe acquiring new skills? We believe that it is some form of rewards that motivates us and pushes us to do better. At least, that’s what most managers think.

Absolutely Insane!


20 Of The Weirdest Musical Instruments You Need To See To Believe It is time for guitars, drums and violins and every other mainstream musical instrument to move over, because these weird musical instruments are gonna blow your mind away! We bet these are musical instruments that you never believed

You Are Enough!


Self-Love, Be Intentional How many of us truly believe that we know our worth? If you do, how do you define your worth? Is it through your friends or relationships? Or is it through your success and achievement? But what if all of those assets are removed? How then do

Buzzworthy Antidotes


Can Probiotics Really Help With Bloating? We live in a time where fitness and health is super important. We are judged mostly by our looks and how we carry yourself. At this point, confidence is derived from how well you can make yourself look with the latest fashion. Now you

Common Denominator


What Do All Great Leaders Have In Common Who do you consider as a great leader? Is it Nelson Mandela? Or Mahatma Gandhi? Or Abraham Lincoln? And why do you consider these people as great leaders? What do you assume they have in common that makes you see them as

New Or Last Season?


Give A Second Chance To Your Clothes As Brands Embrace Preloved And Vintage Clothing The same way you give almost everything and everyone in your life a second chance, it is time you give previously owned clothes a second chance too. Preloved clothes are the new fashion. Be it vintage